FIRST Robotics Partnership with The Phantom Catz!

I am so excited to announce that ROBOTA PROJECT is partnering with The Phantom Catz Team 2637! Here is the story of how we met, in their own words:

“While walking into the main field at the Annual Beach Blitz Tournament we met a girl that was selling the coolest robot themed jewelry. There it was, rings dazzling with every single color of the rainbow, just like the robots in the competition! The Phantom Catz have made their own robot related jewelry in recent years, but nothing as special as what we saw at the Robota Project Booth. We decided to introduce ourselves and found out that this was the first time that Emmanuella, the creator of Robota Project, had attended an FRC event. Together we decided that we could form a partnership to benefit both of our organizations. Now we have linked our websites and hope to see Robota Project jewelry gracing the hands of all FRC participants. Thank you Robota Project for agreeing to donate a small portion of sales profits to the FRC Team 2637 Phantom Catz." 

My pleasure Phantom Catz! Wishing you a stellar 2018 season!

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