How my dream job became making robot accessories?

You may be wondering... robot rings? How on earth did they think of that? While wearing my multi-colored robot rings out on the town, just running errands, or out dancing with friends, I constantly heard, "Wow are those robots?!". I soon realized maybe I wasn't the only one who thought these were cool. As a business school graduate who always wanted to start a company but just didn't know what to do, my robots were the answer I had been looking for all along - and they were literally right in front of me the whole time. As a young girl, I always loved Sanrio, Hello Kitty, Tokidoki, pop art, and anything Japanese. I used that as my inspiration to design the first Robota. I decided to partner with a US manufacturer who is an ambassador for saving marine mammals and produce my rings with high quality, hypoallergenic materials. Now I am making people smile by wearing the unexpected... one robot at a time. 

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