How my dream job became making robot rings?

You may be wondering... robot rings? How on earth did they think of that? To my surprise, what I thought was my own unique fashion statement received unexpected attention everywhere I went. While wearing my multi-colored robot rings out on the town, just running errands, or out dancing with friends, I constantly heard, "Wow are those robots?!". I soon realized maybe I wasn't the only one who thought these were cool. As a business school graduate who always wanted to start a company but just didn't know what to do, my robots were the answer I had been looking for all along - and they were literally right in front of me the whole time. As a young girl, I always loved Sanrio, Hello Kitty, Tokidoki, pop art, and anything Japanese. I used that as my inspiration to design the first Robota. I decided to partner with a US manufacturer who is an ambassador for saving marine mammals and produce my rings with high quality, hypoallergenic materials. Essentially wanting to combine my passion for robot rings with a good cause, helping the no-kill movement was the natural choice. Growing up in the greater Los Angeles area, I was well aware of the large number of animals that are killed every year because they don't get adopted. This is the cause that is most special to my heart and the mission of Robota Project. Making people smile by wearing the unexpected and having a heart-warming story to tell... what better reason to start a company? So my business path has developed into selling robots!? Ok, let's do this. 

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