Our Story

These little robots are on a BIG mission: Helping humans save animals. 

I have always been an animal lover and am so often reminded that humans tend to not look at animals as equal beings. That is what inspired me to start Robota Project. As greyhounds and horses have been a part of my life and family, I decided to donate to Greyhound Adoption centers and horse rescues. These fast friends are some of the most gentle, loving, and graceful animals on the planet, yet are so often left without homes after years of hard work and racing. Imagine the difference we can make together. Please join the mission and make a statement by rocking a Robota ring or pin in your favorite color.  

How do you wear your Robota? Tag us in your photos along with your animal friends. We also want to hear your stories and acts of kindness, as we share ours with you.

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With Love, 


Designed in Los Angeles, CA